Welcome at the webpage of the The Automated Similarity Judgment Program

Downloads and resources:

  • Download the database [.txt] in the standard ASJP format required for software designed by consortium members for computing a distance matrix, among other things (see "Software", especially Holman 2011c).
  • Link to data sources. Languages are listed by their corresponding names in Ethnologue if such a name is available; otherwise doculects are listed by their ASJP names.
  • The transcription system used is described in Brown et al. (2008), posted under "Published papers".

How to cite:

Wichmann, Søren, André Müller, Annkathrin Wett, Viveka Velupillai, Julia Bischoffberger, Cecil H. Brown, Eric W. Holman, Sebastian Sauppe, Zarina Molochieva, Pamela Brown, Harald Hammarström, Oleg Belyaev, Johann-Mattis List, Dik Bakker, Dmitry Egorov, Matthias Urban, Robert Mailhammer, Agustina Carrizo, Matthew S. Dryer, Evgenia Korovina, David Beck, Helen Geyer, Pattie Epps, Anthony Grant, and Pilar Valenzuela. 2013. The ASJP Database (version 16).

Use of the database is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.